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Due to security, for all of our customer's. We're not going to be displaying name's on this page. 

Update:  I actually can't believe I have to point this out, but here goes.

Welcome to the world of unsocial media.

The whole world is going through a lot of horrible strife at the moment.

Since the pandemic, many small businesses have been struggling. I'm doing my upmost to keep mine one above water; it's not been easy. 

So if you read on social media that we're a (scam),

ask yourself this: Why are we still here after all this time?

I'm not a scam artist, I'm just an artist trying to stay afloat during a really difficult time. 

I have changed the way our site is set up. The build a wand was a great concept, but I'm just so bogged down with so many orders that I'm trying to fill. 

I will keep adding new wands from time to time on our magic wand page.

There are loads of wands ready to be shipped out. We ask you kindly to please be a little more patient with us. I can guarantee all wands will get shipped out ASAP. 

Thank you for understanding.        

For more information contact Tim @ 3608401794

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