Pottermore Wands

Do you have a Pottermore wand image that you'd like to have made into your very own custom magic wand?

Have you tried searching through other sites but found that they couldn't duplicate your wand  to look exactly like the replica? 

Well search no further, because we CAN make you a real Pottermore wand that looks identical to your picture.

Please send your Pottermore wand screenshot and any additional notes for your wand to: contact@magicalalley.com and we will give you a quote to have it made!


Holiday Season

Due to the holiday season, all new requested quotes for Pottermores will be compiled into a list for review after January 1st, 2019. Each customer will be contacted one of us, who will draw up the quote and make sure to go over all details that were provided and discussed. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this busy time of year!