Wood Type: Cherry


Wand Size: 11 3/4 inches


Wand Core: Hippogriff Tail-Feather




An extremely earth-centric wood, cherry has very grounded energy. Earth energy is very levelheaded, non-impulsive. It helps us to see the here and now, think clearly, and act upon rationality rather than emotion. Aligned with the Moon and Mars, cherry is highly useful for intuitive magic and conquering conflict. This would be an excellent wood for divination or medium work, as well as healing and love magic. As a magical tool, it is highly recommended for those who identify well with earth energy.


Hippogriff Tail-Hair

Hippogriffs are noble animals with a reputation for not taking a slight. These wands require constant respect, and if the wielder does not give it, they can watch its formerly stable and versatile magic backfire on it. It is not the strongest core, but it is one of the most adaptable. These wands are most common amongst Gryffindors

11 3/4 Inch Cherry Wood Magic Wand