Wood Type: Purpleheart & Padauk

Wand Size: 12.5 inches

Wand Core: Crup Tail-Hair



A spiritual wood, purpleheart is excellent for use in
divination magic. It also enhances energy dealing
with creativity and knowledge. One of the best
woods when dealing with spiritual healing and
health issues, purpleheart would be especially
useful in eradicating the negative energies that
create strife in the home.


Crup Tail-Hair:

Crup Tails are typically only used in wands designed to be used for Care of Magical Creatures. As Crups are considered one of the most faithful familiars a witch or wizard could have, Crup tail wands are often found in the hands of those who prize loyalty. As such, they are almost exclusively Hufflepuff wands.

12.5 Inch Purpleheart & Padauk Wand