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Named Aromatic Red Cedar due to its intoxicating scent, this wood 
is often used for its pest controlling properties. The scent of the
wood acts in much the same manner as moth balls, repelling
insects. This wood can be found used in everything from bird
houses to decorative mulch for this reason. Once finished, however,
the scent is no longer detectable and the pest repellent properties
likewise vanish.
The energetic properties of this wood are mostly focused upon
communication and information. It is an excellent wood for use in
any divination, and will help a person obtain information from afar
(either spiritual or physical in nature). It grants the ability to see
what is happening, to know the truth behind any given situation.
For knowledge-gaining endeavors, such as schooling of the start of
a new enterprise, Aromatic Red Cedar in an invaluable tool. It will
bring luck in any pursuit that requires the acquisition of new

Cedar (Aromatic)