Wood Type: Elm

Wand Size: 13 inches

Wand Core: Bowtruckle Bark


Elm Wood

Feminine energy. Often referred to as the home of the fairies. It is known to for its ability to ward away lightening. Associated with the Great Goddess in crone stage. Relative to the elements of both Earth and Air.

Magical Properties: Use of the Elm wands is strong in magic used concerning endurance, fertility, horticulture, passage thru death and phases of life, rebirth, and invocation of the Goddess. Elm adds stability, grounding, and focus to spell working.


Bowtruckle bark

Bowtruckle bark is not the most powerful of cores, but it does give a definate boost to the wielder's nature spells. It is especially potent in rowan wands, as these are the trees Bowtruckles most commonly gaurd. It combines well with any other core. 

Elm Magic Wand