The Elven Traveler and his Green Companion


Little fellow, little fellow,

where is it that you roam?

When you and your jolly friend

pack up and leave your woodland home.

The world must seem so big out there

as you choose which way to go.

Each way’s a new adventure,

so choose a path and make it so!



Wand: Sculpted mixed media design –peacock feathers, leather strapping, scrapbook pieces

fabric & up cycled bits

Wood: Upcycled Douglas Fir & Lignum Vitae

Length: 10 ½ inches

Core: Dragonfly wing


Wandstand: Upcycled Christmas tree wood – mixed media design – moss from Magical Alley’s garden – **the faery just happened to be living in the tree already.**

Wood: Douglas Fir


Created: February 5, 2017

Wand number: 0205010130

Elven Traveler & Companion Wand & Wand Stand