As soft as a faery’s whisper

the seedling ball is billowy white.

Dreamy thoughts dance all around you

j ust waiting to take flight.


So make a wish and watch them go

as the seedlings float through the air with ease.

These tiny white wishes scatter away

their magic sprinkles freely through the breeze.



Wand: Dandelion itself --mixed media design – feathers, scrapbook bits, sculpting, etc.

Wood: Tiger wood and Lignum Vitae – both are exotic hardwoods

Length: 18 inches

Core: dandelion seeds


Sleeping baby bumble-bee faery on the top of the dandelion flower: Please be sure to take really good care of him. When hungry, he only needs a drop or two of honey and if he seems cranky, his favorite lullaby song is, ‘You are my Sunshine.’


Wand Stand: Mixed media design – scrapbook pieces, up cycled jewelry bits, trinkets and trimming which are attached onto the outside of the tall, brand new Olive oil glass bottle. The clear glass and up cycled glass orbs have been poured loosely in the bottle to help to distribute the weight of wand and keep it from tipping the stand over.  



Wand: Created August 04, 2017

Wand number: 0904070725

Every Dream Begins with a Wish