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This curly maple wand measures 13 inches and has been finished with cherry and ebony stain. Then coated with shellac.


Maple is a fascinating a beautiful wood due largely to the great
deal of variation in its appearance. Some maple wood is without
any interesting grain, while some has an amazing wavy (called
"curly") appearance with remarkable translucence. And some
maple is known as "Bird's Eye" maple because it has tiny little
spots in the grain, like miniature knotholes, throughout the
wood. And still other maple is "spalted," or crossed with very
dark lines within the grain. It is sometimes hard to tell that all of
these woods come from the same type of tree.
Maple is one of the most spiritual woods in existence. Because
of this, the primary use of the wood is that of spiritual healing.
It is also amazing when working with moon magick.
Maple is a traveler's wood. Those who are always on the move
and changing will feel right at home with this type of energy. It
allows a person to focus in on the choices in any situation,
eliminating luck and chance.

Hand carved Curly Maple wand