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Wood Origin: North America
Gender Association: Feminine
Planetary Association: Venus, Mercury, Moon
Elemental Association: Spirit, Water, Some Earth
Magical properties: Desert Ironwood is not the hardest wood in the world, but it is the
hardest wood that does not contain a large amount of gum or resin
content, meaning that it is bone dry. And as the name implies, it is
extremely hard and heavy, maybe the third hardest wood on the
planet. This makes it the most stable wood in the world, never
cracking or warping and very resistant to climactic change.
The energy of this wood is simply amazing. The image that comes to
mind is that of an elderly tribal wise woman. She is never afraid,
because she knows that life is a cycle ending in death. The mysteries
and wonders of life are at her fingertips, because she is experienced
enough to know a great deal, and wise enough to accept that which
cannot be known.