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The hardest, densest wood in the world, Lignum Vitae means 
"long life" in Latin. This tree is also called the "Tree of Life" as
well as "Iron Wood." The wood is so dense and heavy that it will
not even float in water. It comes with a long history and legend.
This naturally green wood has been used for time untold in
construction due to the fact that it is so hard and dense. Because
it has a large amount of resin within it as well as its density, it is
naturally lubricated and was thus used as ball bearings on ships.
The greatest legend about this wood is that Merlin the Wizard
carried a staff and/or wand made from Lignum Vitae. This
legend appears in both literature and ancient writings about the
legend of Camelot. If true, it is hardly surprising. The energy
within the wood is perfectly suited to a great man such as Merlin.
This wood has a profoundly positive energy. The overall energy
of the wood can be summed up as "the power and strength of

Lignum Vitae

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