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Bethlehem Olive Wood is obtained from tree 
trimmings in the holy olive orchards in and around 
the holy city of Bethlehem in Israel. This wood 
obviously has a very strong symbolism for Christians, 
as it is mentioned repeatedly in the Bible. Like all 
woods, this beautiful wood also has many unique 
energetic properties. 
This wood is foremost an amazing aid in 
communication of any type. It opens the mind to 
intuitive and empathetic energy, allowing you to truly 
gain insight into other's thoughts and actions. This 
wood is also remarkable in its ability to aid in 
communication with spirits and the dead.
With powerful spiritual energy, having this wood in 
your possession will help bring about the situations 
that create spiritual growth. It attracts such situations 
into your life. It will create a "holy" atmosphere in 
the home, helping in all aspects of spiritual life.
This wood will aid in learning and finding the true 
path of knowledge.

Olive wood (Bethlehem)

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