Wood Type: Pink Ivory 

Wand Size: 11 3/4 inches

Wand Core: Unicorn Hair



Pink Ivory
Wood Origin:
South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique

Gender Association:

Planetary Association:
Sun, Mars

Elemental Association:
Spirit, Water

Other magical properties:
Pink Ivory was the royal wood of the Zulu people of Africa. Legend states that the Zulu king would carry a staff crafted from this wood, as well as ornamental jewelry, and any others caught possessing the wood of the Pink Ivory tree were to be punished by beheading. This included foreigners in their own country and abroad. Many have said that this legend was simply invented by the Africans to drive up the price of the wood as an export item, but that is unclear. It is a protected tree in South Africa, and only cut down by limited permit, making it one of the most rare and expensive crafting woods in the world. The tree itself is a fruit-bearing tree, and the fruit is traded in marketplaces across southern Africa.

Energetically, this wood is strongly associated with the sun, spiritual healing, and strength. "Change" and "growth" are the key words for this wood. It gives the power to bring about needed change in one's own life, to learn and grow toward healthy goals. It grants the ability to leave the past behind, and look to the future, a brighter future not marred by the baggage of our past. This is especially true in home situations, where home life is a burden. It allows one to see and feel their home anew, leaving behind past hurts, or to seek a new home if that is desired.

Spiritually, this wood is not a good tool for communication with otherworldly spirits, but an excellent tool for healing one's own spirit or the spirits of other living people or animals. It will aid in magic that seeks to heal emotional hurts, or cure inhibitions that cripple social behavior. It will aid in opening channels of communication between people (or between people and animals).

This wood is also an excellent tool for love magic, or magic having to do with luck or wealth.


Unicorn Hair:

Unicorn hair is a more subtle wand, but it is quite compatible with Charms and Transfiguration. It is also hands-down the best core for healing, as it picks up some of the healing capabilities of unicorn blood. Unicorn hair has a reputation of picking gentler or more cerebral users, so it is common amongst Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws. More laid-back Gryffindors and subtler Slytherins may find themselves with a Unicorn hair wand.

Pink Ivory Magic Wand