Wood Type: Poplar


Wand Size: 13 inches


Wand Core: Thunderbird Tail Feathers




This wood has incredibly diverse energy, allowing it to be an all-purpose wood for magickal workings. While containing almost entirely masculine energy, it is also influenced by the power of Venus, bringing a softer, intuitive, feminine energy as well. Spiritual energy is strongest within this wood, followed by the power of water. Water and spirit combined make this wood excellent for any working dealing with change, acts of will, or evocation (this is the wood we use to create our athames). This is also an excellent healing wood. The diversity of the energy in this wood makes it useful for evocation as well as banishment rituals.


Thunderbird Tail Feathers


Thunderbird tail feathers (the Thunderbird is a magical American bird closely related to the phoenix). Advanced practitioners only...

Poplar Wooden Magic Wand