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Planet: Jupiter
Element: Fire
Symbolism: Balance
Deity: Norse God Thor who is the spirit of thunder, storm and lightning, and the Stag-god Orion who in Greek tradition is the archetypal Hunter. Also, Heaven and Earth.
Rune: Alferic Ogham (looks like a twin spearhead.)
Constellation: Sagittarius, the Archer, and the Centaurs.

Magical properties:
drawing down power from Heaven to Earth, spells of religious seeking and discipline, spells of mystical union with nature and wild animals, hunting magick, the martial arts as spiritual discipline, and spells for innovation and sudden revelation.

Milled redwood is excellent for wands, which has a very broad and beautiful grain, is quite lightweight and soft, and which has a dark red color without the need of any stain. The wood tears easily as so is not well-suited to detailed carving.
Redwoods are resistant to fire because they produce very little resin and pitch.