Wood Type: spalted black & white ebony

Wand Size: 13 inches

Wand Core: Phoenix Feather

Black & White Ebony:

Power to change, positive luck, balance of energy,
breaks down social barriers.
Ebony is well-known as the most powerful magical
wood. Scott Cunningham, trusted writer of over 30
books about magic and the occult, writes about
ebony, "Ebony wood is protective and so is used in
making amulets. Ebony wands give the magician
pure, unadulterated power."
The power of ebony is non-discriminating. It is
useful for any magical practice and with any
element. Macassar ebony differs slightly from the
energy of Gaboon ebony, in that it is more centered
around emotions and intuition. This wood would be
especially useful in the seeking of spiritual
knowledge and exploring intuition and emotion. It
would not be especially useful for healing.
Historically, this wood was used in the handles of
Samurai swords.


Phoenix Feather:


Phoenix tail feather is a popular wand core due to its versatility and power. Its main strength lies in Defense Against the Dark Arts, although its adaptability can wrench it to hexes and jinxes if need be. As with the dragon heartstring core, the phoenix core is common amongst Light Wizards, but its users are not necessarily Light Wizards. This core may specifically impede Dark spells, so it is not common amongst Slytherins. However, it is by far the most common Gryffindor wand core, and is not unusual amongst Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs.

Spalted Black & White Ebony Wand