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This Holy Wand measures 14 1/2 inches and has been finished with beeswax.



Gender Association: Feminine
Date Association: July 8 - August 4
Planetary Ruler: Earth
Animal Association: Unicorn
Ruling Deity: Govannon
Magical Properties: Purity, strength, logic, power transfer, protection.
American Holly (the variety of holly that we use) is the
whitest wood in the world. But all holly woods are
known for their creamy to white coloring. Perhaps this
is on of the reasons this wood has always represented
purity and goodness. The energy of holly is very pure,
so much so that it is linked to the mythological unicorn,
the purest of all animals. The wood will not tolerate
dark forces or energies, and will best be used to
channel positive energy for the betterment of the
world. Healing work, blessings, exorcisms, psychic
shielding, and astral guidance are all activities that
would be excellent for this type of wood.

Spalted Holy Magic Wand