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Tulipwood is part of the rosewood family. It carries with it 
many of the traits of other rosewoods, with a few unique traits as
well. A very powerful feminine energy radiates from this
wood. It would be extraordinary if used in moon magic, and
anything having to do with creativity, intuitions, and beauty, and
natural cycles. This would be an excellent wood for divination.
The primary element of this wood is water. Water usually
brings with it a calm and peaceful effect. However, the energy
of this wood contains the full spectrum of water energy, both
peaceful and destructive. It is as though the very energy of the
Goddess rests within the wood; beautiful and serene, yet
powerful and proud.
The wood carries an overall positive energy, and also may be
used to bring about affluence and wealth. One of the most
powerful woods we have ever encountered, with a very diverse
and potent energy

Tulip Wood

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