This wand was hand carved & hand turned on a lathe.

This Outstanding padauk wand measures 14 inches 356mm.



Dragon’s Blood JasperAKA Dragon Stone is is a magical stone designed by nature and capturing a rich “dragon green” matrix (epidote) that is dotted with deep red drops of “dragon’s blood” (really, red piedmontite). This is the stone of for perception and personal power. Energetically, this crystal is helpful for enhancing our vital Qi or life force energy. The dragon is a symbol of wisdom, fortitude, and protection. This stone embodies the fiery, persistent power of the dragon.



The only known wand to have used a Thestral Tail hair is the Elder Wand. Created either by Death or Antioch Peverell, was the strongest wand in the entire history of wizardkind, and by legend was made to render the user invincible in wizard duels.



 A powerful yet chaotic wood, Padauk is not at all recommended for those new to The Craft. The energy of this wood is constantly changing, randomly fluctuating. It would, however, be an amazing wood for healing magic if one could learn to harness the chaotic energy within. In the hands of the inexperienced, it would likely do more harm than good.

Unique Hand Carved Padauk Wand

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