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This wood contains a very powerful, and often strange, energy.
Though it is overall positive, it is a wood highly influenced by
luck and the energies which surround it. The results may be
unpredictable, though usually not dangerous (unlike African
The wood is highly in tune with the planet Mars. Mars brings
both strife and war, or the energy to overcome these things. In
this case, the energy is very tied up with life energy as well,
possibly indicating that the wood could be used to influence
health issues, both spiritual and physical.
Water energy is the strongest elemental force within this wood,
and with it the cyclical energy of the moon. Water brings a
peaceful energy, a stillness. This energy will be strongest on the
full moon, and nearly nonexistent during a new moon.
The most interesting aspect of this wood is the prevalence of the
planet Saturn. Saturn blocks Venus and the element of Fire in
this wood's energy, keeping creative thought.