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The Curiosity of Wand Core Divination Series -- Beast Core Wand & Wand Sketch

Happy November everyone! Wow, how quickly this time has flown by in a blink and it's hard to believe that we're already 4 days into this new month already. I can tell you, that with every day ticking by in November, brings us one step closer to the brand new Fantastic Beasts movie, "The Crimes of Grindelwald!" SQUEEEE!

I'm so so excited!! I LOVED the first movie so much, that we had a FB & HP Christmas in 2016 and I cannot wait to see all of the new fun things they'll have out this year once this movie launches and all of the merch hits the shelves in stores. I fear it could be a bit dangerous this holiday season. ;O) Ha!

Because of our love for J.K.'s wonderful imagination; I do love this realm she created... especially the creatures. Also just our own fandom, we're so thrilled to announce a new special promotional gift set that we're offering right now, as we anxiously count down the days until the movie does finally hit movie theaters on November 16, 2016.

This two piece gift set we're offering is a special inside look at how we construct a custom wand from start to finish.

By doing so, we're including my original artwork sketches and paintings. I'll be tearing out the page from my sketch pad which includes all notes, flaws and all and the finished product; the beautiful wand. The special subject we're covering in this series are the fantastic beasts themselves.

As each day passes and we count down to get closer to the movie date, we'll be uploading a new beast core wand. The wand sets will come in different ways. Some wands will look like the beasts, others will represent a beast core and offer a detailed original artwork on the sketch paper, some may be puppet wands or anything in between. Each wand will come with a custom wand bag made with the fantastic beast fabric. These one of a kind pieces will not be duplicated.

There will be 16 wands in total; the counting started on November 1, 2018; so four wands will be uploaded for today. The Unicorn, the Phoenix, the Hippogriff and later this evening, the Billywig.

These wands can be found in the section of our site in Nanny Nightshade's Cottage. I'll be blogging daily as I upload a new beast core wand; so we invite you to check back daily to see the newest creature added into our shop. :O)

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