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There is   a   wait   time   for   all build a   wand   orders. Due to   it's   popularity  .

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Magical Alley has been creating and selling beautiful, bespoke, custom wooden magic wands & magical items to our customers all around the world. Ms. J.K. Rowling's books & movies have played a huge influence to our success and we're forever grateful to her for that. Our wands are crafted one at a time, either on a wood lathe or they are hand carved. Our professional artist & craftsman Timothy Wood from Lincoln England UK has 30 years of antique restoration, cabinetmaking and woodworking skills behind him.

We invite you to check out our pre-made wand section. We only offer the finest quality domestic & exotic hardwoods, so we can guarantee that the wand that you're ordering is actually made out of the real wood. 

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