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Build & Customize Your Very Own Wand

The wand designer was invented to give our customers the opportunity to create their very own custom magic wand. By using this concept, our workshop is doing something completely different than just selling the 'ready-made' wands like all of the other so called wand makers out there. The fun part our customers have is the building process of their new wand. They get to choose from a large selection of handles and shafts, wood types, fun cores, lengths and any other added extras that they might want. Once we receive the custom order, the beautiful wand will be created. Each of our wands come with a custom made wand bag and a Certificate of Authenticity. It is just that easy! 

Please make sure you select the basic wand principles before checking out.


1 Introduction   2 Wood type    3 Handle    4 Shaft     5 Core    6 Size      7 Finish



Wood Types






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