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Frequently Asked Questions


What comes with my wand?

All of our wands come with a satchel & a wand permit.

Are your wands made from real wood?

Yes, all of our wands are made from real wood.

Who makes your wands?

All wands are made by the owner and master-wand maker, Timothy Wood.

Do you ship outside of the USA?

Yes, we ship all over the world.

Do you take in custom requests?

All the time. One of our specialties is transforming a customer’s sketched idea into an actual real wooden wand.


What is your Refund Policy?


For Pre-made Wands:  Customers have 30 days from the date of receipt, if they are unsatisfied, to return the wand to Magical Alley and receive a full refund or have the amount credited to their customer profile to be later used towards another purchase. It is once the product has been returned to Magical Alley's possession, that either choice will be fulfilled to the customer.  

For Build-a-Wands: A full refund will be granted to the customer should the order not be completed at the time of the refund request. Upon receiving the order, customers may receive a refund or credit for their order once the wand is returned to Magical Alley's possession unaltered and undamaged.


For Custom Items: All custom made items are as-is items. These works are created to the customer's specifications and ideas only. Therefore, these items are non-refundable. Pottermore Wands are included in the Custom Items category.

What is your Shipping Policy?

Domestic Orders: All orders are shipped via USPS. An email is sent to you once a shipping label is created for your order. If when you click the link you see the message "Label Created, not yet scanned" this means it is on its way to the post office from our workshop. 

International Orders: There is a minimum $14.00 postal fee to send order internationally. The size and weight of the box your order gets shipped in will cause this price to change. We do not handle, calculate, or know any details about duty taxes which can occur in the other countries. This is something that you, the customer, will need to handle once your package arrives at your post office and you receive the notice to come and pay the fees. We are willing to lower the purchase cost of your order so that you do not heavily gouged on these taxes when you do go to pickup your package. Please discuss this with us upon placing your order so we can make note of it and make sure to fill out your custom forms accordingly when we print them to prepare for shipping.

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