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Magical Alley started off as a brilliant idea in 2004. Our dream was to have a company that would be creative and fun, designing wooden products of the utmost Amazing & magical,craftsmanship and at a price that would be affordable. We turned that idea into a business and we are pleased to say it has been successfully working for us. Since that time, we have sold our beautiful, custom designs to our wonderful customers all over the world. These unique items range from lathe turned magic wands, many various hand carved or crafted artistic items. We also offer one on one consultation with our customers, to create their very own custom designs for wands, wizard or walking staffs. Our customers have found this to be a very exciting feature we offer. One which allows them to be able to see their very own custom idea come to life and we are very pleased to be a part of this process with them. Our master craftsman is Timothy Wood! From Lincoln, England. He is a professional craftsman with 30 years of woodcraft skills, ranging in Antique Restoration to Cabinet Making. He has a six year apprenticeship and four years of college in Advanced Craft. Our iconic Songshi-Quan logo is designed after our lovable black familiar, Meadow Lark. She is no,w an impish, young aged, furry girl, who enjoys lounging about anywhere she wishes to grace us with this presence. One of her favorite ‘duties’ is to claim any empty boxes we get delivered in, no matter the size. She is also quite good at ‘overseeing’ the design ideas we sketch down on paper before they are taken into the workshop to be made. So anytime you see any  Songshi-Quan paw print, you will know that Meadow has given her seal of approval. We here at Magical Alley take great pride to produce beautiful handcrafted products of the highest standard & quality. 

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