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This lovely purple monarch faery with her little dragonfly friend was handcrafted and is a real tiny wooden spoon, measuring 5 inches long. Her lovely purple hair cascades down over her face, giving her more of an alluring appearance. Her deep gazed expression draws you in, closer into her world. She's been outlined with black ink and highlighted with glitter and I finished her with polyurethane spray.

She has a hole drilled in the top of the handle for either a ribbon or invisible fishing line so she can be hung from a car's rear-view mirror or wherever you'd like to place her; it's up to you. Always keep a spoon for yourself.

This is an original art design made by myself.

The spoon theory is a metaphor describing the amount of physical or mental energy that a person has available for daily activities and tasks, and how it can become limited. The term was coined in a 2003 essay by American writer Christine Miserandino.

Purple Monarch Faery Spoonie

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