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Queen Bee Puppet Wand and Upcycled Pine Artbox Wandstand- $300

The Queen Bee puppet wand is a 14.25 inch Curly Willow and resin design and painted with various acrylic and metallic paints. In her hands she holds a one inch black tourmaline point crystal. She has been embellished with many different bits of scrapbook pieces throughout her body to give her an overall regal appearance. Her artbox wandstand measures 6 x 5 inches tall, but does not open. It's made from upcycled Pine and is covered with various pieces of scrapbook paper, washi tape, stickers and embellishments. The double rose in the center has been made of resin and then painted with acrylic and glitter paints. 

Queen Bee Puppet Wand and Upcycled Pine Art box Wand stand

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