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Containing an overall bright and carefree energy, redheart 
is an excellent wood for those seeking to be able to focus
more on the "here and now" rather than dwelling on past
or possible future events. It allows one to follow their
whims, set aside their fears, and move their life in an
overall positive direction. It does not distract one from
real threats, but rather removes the fear and doubt that
can cloud our judgment and make us imagine things
worse than they may actually be. This wood will aid a
person in finding their personal truth, free of selfdeception.
Self-esteem is not to be underrated. Most of us live under
certain assumptions about how people view us or our
beliefs that may not be entirely accurate. The power of
this wood will help a person set aside those assumptions,
to feel free to speak their mind and express their views
without fear of what others may think. It is a freeing
energy, without self consciousness or darkness and