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Snakewood is named for its handsome, mottled, snake scale appearance. This very rare wood creates a wand of mysterious power. Being an extremely dense wood, it is quite possibly the hardest wand wood in existence. Regarded among Wandmakers as a highly unusual and antiquated wood, it has not been in common circulation as a wand wood for several centuries, due to the utter lack of good-sized quantities of magical wood. Snakewood makes wands that are very tricky to handle. A Snakewood wand would be a wise choice for one who has mastered the magical arts and can control the darker influence of it; that is, of course, if one wishes to cast good-willed magic. For those who wish to practice dark magic, it is undeniable that those who do so will enjoy the wand’s remarkable power. Snakewood encompasses both the noble and ignoble traits of magic, being particularly suited to healing, but also adept in the darker arts. Where the wand has been buried, it generally sprouts into a large and potently magical tree.


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