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Yew, Pacific 

Wood Origin: North America, Pacific Northwest

Gender Association: Masculine

Planetary Association: Mercury, Jupiter, Moon

Elemental Association: Earth, Spirit

Magical properties:

Though not European Yew, the Pacific Yew is nearly
identical to the species of tree that was used to create the
infamous English Longbow. This species of Yew was
instead used by the native people of North America to
make spears and bows of great power and sacred history.

The main property of the Pacific Yew is focus. It grants
the ability to block out the things that do not matter and
concentrate on the matters at hand. It is an amazing aid in
the pursuit of knowledge and goals. It brings a balance of
the physical and spiritual worlds, the ability to
concentrate on either with equal clarity.

Not a recommended wood for divination or luck, but
highly recommended for use with the pursuit of goals,
including love.


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