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The miniature handcarved king can either be used as an athame or a letter opener. He's made of Black Walnut, resin, scrapbook embellishments and has a one inch rainbow moonstone point in the top of his head. He measures 8.5 inches. The tiny sage spoon is made from Gabon ebony and resin. She's embellished with beads, scrapbook pieces, twine, various paints and has a one inch rose quartz crystal point on top of her handle. There are 5 tiny potion bottles each with ribbon and scrapbook embellishments. They range from 2 inch to  2.5 inches in height. The artbox is made from upcycled pine wood measuring 5 x5 x5 inches made with various scrapbook paper, washi tape and embellishments. Everything fits neatly down inside with the little king standing proudly tall. 

Mini Royal Altar Set with Upcycled Artbox

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