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This truly arcane core is not easily seen. It is regarded as an extremely unstable and temperamental substance. It is tricky for Wandmakers due to its harsh nature in the vast majority of wand woods, and will only accept certain woods to contain it. It is written that Ellhorn (an old name for Elder) is noted to be one of the only woods capable of containing the Thestral core’s recalcitrant raw power. Thestral hair creates incredibly powerful wand cores, perhaps the most powerful of all, though this has likely never be confirmed, as it is so difficult to work with. The Wand of Destiny, regarded widely to be the most powerful wand in history contained a Thestral tail hair core, whether this is a testament to the power of the Thestral tail hair remains ambiguous. It is closely tied to themes of death, and from what has been gathered it suits those and only those who truly understand the concept of death and mortality. It could be said that Thestral wand wielders are destined to die violent deaths, though this is mere speculation…

Thestral Tail-Hair

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