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It's snowy here at Magical Alley!

February 8, 2017

Hiya and Happy February to you all!

WOW, can you believe that January has flown by already?! A new month brings new beginnings; I hope it is a fine one for each and every one of you.

*~* Inclement weather causing problems! *~*

On Sunday, the 5th of February, it began to snow. GAH!! Now let me be the first to explain, this isn’t an area where snow happens very often, nor is it a place where the people who live around all these little towns around here in ruralville, know what to do when they see a few snowflakes come down. Well for the first several hours of Sunday, it was mixed with rain, which still wasn’t something I wanted to see or hear about to be honest with you, but I was relieved to see that it wasn’t eventful…yet. But then later on after tea, (dinner time) around 7p.m. in the evening, it decided to stick around like an unwanted relative!! (GAH even louder!!)

Well, to my woeful dismay, it’s now Wednesday and the bloody snow hasn’t melted from Monday and it started to snow again… HUGE, LOUD GGGAAAAHHSS of all!! First of all, I do need to clarify, that the word S-N-O-W is one of THE FOULEST, four letter words dared to be uttered from the lips of any mouth around our house.

Sure it’s pretty to look at, fun to play in, if you’re a child or a large child at heart, but not so wonderful if you live on a ridiculous, winding 500 ft. bluff like we do and are surrounded by forestry making it really dangerous to leave the house on some mad-cap adventure… like venturing into town which is a 30ish mile round trip (by the way,) so you best think it through and make a list (if you’re going to the grocery store or anywhere else) because if you’ve got the memory like a gnat (like me,) you’re completely out of luck if you totally forget what you’ve actually went to buy. Then of course, you realize what it was that you needed once you’ve practically made it home. Turning around is NOT an option here. The ‘hill of death’ you live on, isn’t forgiving. It’s there to slap you in the forehead like a schoolyard bully to remind you in a cruel way about your ‘senior moments’. Your only option is to get yourself back home as quickly as possible before it gets dark, hoping you can make it up those winding hills.

So the question gnawing at your wee noggin as you brace yourself to conquer the hill is this… “Am I skilled enough for the Olympic Winter sports tryouts? Hmmm… could be!

Because your trial run just make record breaking speed in the free run tryouts for tobogganing and there's a great possibility you'll be getting ‘better acquainted’ with one of your neighbors more than you ever thought possible… So yep, you guessed it, we’re completely stuck here. So nothing is going out nor coming in... **SIGH!!** It’s times like these that I would really love to have some messenger owls! They might take a bit longer to get the parcels delivered, but at least they would GET sent. Unless they're a really confused or cross-eyed owls... worse things have happened...

Something I wanted to share:

So whilst we’re waiting for the dreaded ‘S’ word to go away, here’s a few images that were taken from one of my bay windows in my art studio.

I decided to share with each of you a little glimpse into my ‘magical, wonderland’ and perhaps, for just a moment or two, show those of you who don’t know what it feels like to live in the trees. Ha! Also just to know where the bazillion different inspirations that bounce around in my wee noggin are created, as I sit at my main work desk and I gaze out the window watching the fluffy clouds go by or the joy I feel when all of the crows and other birds I feed fly to the trees closest to my windows to greet me. I Hope everyone stays cozy and warm! I think a lush blanket, a purring Osiris in my lap to share my blanket and hot marshmallow-y cocoa are in order! ~ Terie :O)

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