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Weather issues

ATTN Everyone:

PLEASE NOTE THAT is just a temporary message:

At this time, we're experiencing unexpected snows storms, higher winds and icy conditions making it impossible for us to leave the high elevation which we live on. Because of this dangerous problem, we cannot send off all of the finished parcels, nor can our mail carrier risk traveling up the steep, winding incline to retrieve them from us and get them shipped out. The frigid temperatures also makes it very unsafe to be out in workshop right now; it can lead to injury. This also causes delays in the production of orders. Once the snow melts, we can get back out into the shop and pick up where we left off in the cue of getting out everyone's orders.

I’m sorry we don’t have a better answer than this. Unfortunately we're due to get hit by another snow storm coming in later this evening or sometime tomorrow. As soon as we have new information and this changes, we’ll update this notice. We thank each and every one of you for business and your patience!

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