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March is Here!


March 2, 2017

~Greetings to you all!~

Happy March! WOW! February has just blown through too fast it seems; just like the strange weather we’ve been experiencing up here in our little corner of the woods. One awesome thing about the month of March is the Fantastic Beasts movie IS FINALLY going to be available to purchase on DVD & BLU-RAY, etc.! SQUEEEEE!!! I’m so excited! I LOVED this movie! Now, I’m not one to wish the days away, because let’s face it, time flies by fast enough, but I just cannot wait for this one! On pins and needles here! This movie is perfect for cuddles with your loved ones on the sofa, under a warm & snugly blanket, hot cocoa with marshmallows and your favorite snacks. MMM Yummy

**On to something more serious:**

I wanted to give everyone a progress report in reference to all back orders; especially those which were ordered before the holidays late last year. We understand completely about your concerns regarding the orders placed and wanting to know when the actual ETA of your parcel’s arrival now that the holidays are over. Many of you have started to look at the calendar and started counting out the weeks it’s been since placing your order and begin to panic; understandably so.

We’ve also had to quiet the fears from those who’ve started to question our company again, accusing us of doing some sort of shady operation, trying to scam people out of their monies, because they felt we didn’t send out their custom order in a rapid timeframe. This is furthest from the truth. We haven’t worked this hard for the past 13 years we’ve been in business to pick your pockets clean of your cash and then make a run for it. ***NOR would we EVER steal money from children either!*** This isn’t some kind of game that we’re playing here people. This is our livelihood; WE’RE ARTISTS and THIS IS OUR carrier path.

My dear customers, WE VALUE YOU and YOUR BUSINESS SO very much and would NEVER jeopardize this relationship. Without you, we wouldn’t have a business! Please know that YOU WILL receive your orders; this we can guarantee!! We kindly THANK each and every one of you for your patience with us!


I cannot stress to each of you enough that our company is made up of only TWO people. WE ONLY HAVE ONE WANDMAKER; his name is Tim!!! He’s brilliant, and OH SO talented, but he isn’t a robot and can only make so many orders in a work day. We don’t encourage slave labor here at Magical Alley, so we don’t condone in running a sweatshop styled workshop and keep Tim chained to his lathe all day and feed him a bowl of noodles. Ha!

Our products are so highly sought after, and because of this is reason we’re so stupidly busy and even more; so overwhelmingly back ordered. I’m also so inundated with a flood of inbound emails, p

hone calls orders, etc., that inquiries into my inbox can easily get pushed down in the shuffle too. I juggle my time between being in my studio and being out in the shop. I just wear too many hats. I just wish I could have octopus arms so the bazillion things I need to get done in a day, could get chipped away so much quicker… I know it would seriously help me with the ‘headless chicken syndrome’ that I suffer with… It’s the reason why I have to have a post-it, for a post-it, for a post-it.~

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