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The wand holsters are finally here!!

We're so pleased to announce that the we've finally got our handcrafted wand holsters in! YAY!! At the moment, we've got the four house colours in the webstore, but we'll be adding other various shades very soon; stay tuned! We've got the holsters listed at $25.00 each, which is a great price and they're a fantastic way to carry your wand without the worry of dropping it or its surface getting marred up. We've also left the end of the holster open so it's got plenty of room for much longer wands to fit comfortably inside.

(Please note, the wand modeling inside of the holster isn't included the holster price.)

Each one of our handcrafted holsters are created with the finest marine vinyls, up-cycled leathers and new fastening hardwares.

It took us some time to research other designs before we decided on the perfect style; one that worked with our customers in mind. We made our design long and narrow. The upper loop has a snap fastener vs. the stationary hoop of all of the countless wand holsters we found.

We made our style really quite simple; we did it like this for a reason. Anyone could just pick up our wand holster and snap it into place around their purse strap, rucksack, backpack or wherever they wanted to attach it to... even a belt hoop.

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