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Winter Wonderland Here at Magical Alley

To all of our valued customers:

Due to the inclement weather conditions which started from Monday's snow storm, it slowed down production out in the shop this week because it's just too dangerous working in these freezing temperatures. It also stifled any travel plans for the finished parcels to be shipped out by us or have our mailman retrieve them; so we've been stuck hanging onto them. Today at noon we were hit with the big storm front we've been warned about all week which was going to hit; it hasn't stopped snowing. It's estimated to snow all throughout sometime next week. If this is the case; this is a HUGE problem for us.

The sanding truck from the city cannot reach us safely all the way up here where we live. We're at the top of a 450 ft steep, winding elevation. The initial incline is ridiculous, making it unsafe for these trucks to risk coming up here without causing an accident. This is a heavily forested area and the roadways which leads to each of our houses are really narrow, only leaving enough room for a two car allowance; there isn't any sidewalks. If a car or truck were to begin to loose traction and slide; be-it from the layers of fallen pine or cedar needles on the icy-frozen earth, or just snow, the only place for it to go would be either into a steep embankment or tobogganing onto or into someones property-- AKA-- a neighbor's home.

What this basically means is that until this cold front passes and the snow and ice melts, making it safe enough for us to travel safely down off this bluff or back up home again, we're going to have to stay put and wait it out. Stay warm everyone!

Kind Regards,


Magical Alley

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