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Dedication Poem

Tim and I would both like to take a moment to thank each and everyone of you who have phoned and email us about the recent loss of Tim's sister Tracy.

One of the ways that helps me to cope is through writing. So I I wrote this poem as a dedication to my sister-in-law as my own special way of letting this wonderful family know just how much she meant to me and how much I love them all. I'm working on a special art piece which will include this poem. It'll be be duplicated for her three grown children.

Because I've only just finished initial poem part first; I thought I would share it with those of you who follow our blog. Again, we humbly thank you all for your kind thoughts and words during this time.

The Poem is called:

I Am…

I am the rain that kisses your cheeks.

I am the grassy earth below your bare-feet.

I am the waves dancing upon the deep blue sea.

I am the laughter in your children; listen for me.

I am the birds that sing high up in the trees.

I am the wind that blows a lovely, gentle breeze.

I am the stardust scattered across the evening sky.

I am every colorful, changing season which passes you by.

I am the rainbow after any storm,

I am the sun, shining down to keep you warm.

I am a locket full of memories that you keep.

I am in your dreams at night when you sleep.

I am the moon looking down upon you from above,

I am healing comfort to wrap your heart with love.

I am… never too far away…

By Terie L. Wood

©July 17, 2018

This was written and dedicated in the loving memory of my beautiful sister-in-law Tracy Stanislawski. May she shine like the stars throughout the heavenly sky with her gorgeous daughter Samantha, both of her parents and all who loved her. She will be forever missed.

By Terie L.©July 17, 2018

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