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Today I had to make the hardest decision any parent of a fur-baby had to make... I had to send our 14.5 yr old Chow-Siberian Husky girl Pandora to the Rainbow Bridge in the sky. It's never an easy thing to part ways with an old friend. She'd been a part of our life for quite sometime now. We adopted her 3 yrs ago; as much older female. The Humane Society had expressed their concerns about re-homing her due to her age and her mixed breed, but we've always had Chows and didn't hesitate about adopting her; she became our older girl and we'd enjoy her as long as we could. Oh what a funny girl she was...

Out of all of the little friends we've ever had the privilege of sharing our home with, I don't think we've ever had one more exuberant about food than Pandora. LOL It was her absolute favorite thing of all. She could clock teatime down the exact time of day; no matter the season. But she had a really naughty habit. She would try to creep her way into the kitchen when it was being prepared... a place she knew she was NOT allowed to be in unless she was invited once both her and sister Willow's bowls were readied.

Now mind you, she knew this and she just couldn't help herself. You'd think she was starving to death; she just couldn't wait. So in she'd come and out she'd get sent and scolded.

This was our daily ritual.

I'd say, 'Pandora out! Lay down, NOW!'

So she'd slink down onto the floor and then you'd hear the 'husky grumbling, protesting, moaning and wingeing.' As soon as I'd turn my back, guess who would try to slink back into the kitchen again?!

I'd say, 'Out!'

She'd leave the kitchen once again, grumbling, whingeing and slump back down on the floor at the opening of the kitchen; doing the same thing over again...

This would go on for several scoldings. I would point.

She would leave. I would see her, she would see me.

I would point downward, she would hunker down with a moan.

You could just see the utter agony, she was just dying inside. It was literally fate worse than death for her waiting those 5 minutes until their food was prepared. LOL

Her sister Willow always waited with politeness, because she knew she wasn't allowed to carry on like this. Not the other cheeky red girl. Food was her motivation and her happy place. This went on like this every day we were graced to share our space with her. Those memories will always make me laugh as I think of her.

She's now free to fly where no cancer can reach her. She's free from pain, bouncing over every cloud eating every cheesy poofs, peanut butter biscuits and any other treats she can get her paws on.

No one can stop you from going into the kitchen too early before it's teatime now Pandie-Paws, you can eat anytime you want! You will be forever loved and missed so very much!

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